Education and Training in the Society of Bookbinders

The Education and Training Task Force (E&T) was established by the Council in 2001 following the AGM at the East Anglian Conference.  Its remit was to look at how to provide bookbinding training following the closure of so many full-time courses.  It was given an initial amount of funding by Council but since then has raised all its own funds to support the activities undertaken.

Their first event was a Two-Day Seminar in 2002 at the Campanile Hotel in Birmingham.  Out of this small event grew the Seminar as we now know it.

From this early start the Education and Training Task Force now focuses on providing events and materials. E&T is responsible for the biennial Seminar, organizes the Joint Workshops with the Designer Bookbinders, and has produced DVDs and printed guides in various aspects in bookbinding.  It manages the Certificates of Competence and Tutor Validation Scheme. It also administers the annual Maureen Duke Educational Award, kindly supported by the Norie Trust, together with its own bursary which runs alongside this award to enable the recipient to attend a Seminar or Conference.

Other developments will be announced as they emerge.

Education and Committee meetingCurrently members of E&T are Claire Redfern (Chair), Lester Bath (Treasurer), Hilary Henning (Secretary), George Davidson, Paul Broadbent, Nicky Oliver, Mark Cockram, Dermott Creece and Alan Fitch. Dominic Riley assists with the Seminar.

It is a constitutional duty of the Society to provide education and training and thus as well as the links you will find on this page you will find information on education and training in bookbinding in the Regions section and under Events.