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Join The Society of Bookbinders Today and receive these great benefits

Members can:


Workshops and demonstrations introduce participants to traditional and new methods of binding and conservation techniques.


Visits to libraries and private collections, such as in cathedrals and stately homes, enable valuable old books to be examined.


Beginners will find help and encouragement when they meet other regional members at workshops.
Many regions arrange social events where materials and equipment can be bought or exchanged and ideas discussed.


Published annually and distributed free to members, BOOKBINDER is the society’s flagship journal. First produced in 1987, it features articles on a wide range of topics. As well as the many practical, artistic and historical aspects of bookbinding, other book- and binding-related subjects are also covered.


The society’s National Newsletter is published online three times each year and is distributed free to members. As well as news items, a letters page, classified ads and details of bookbinding courses, the newsletter also carries short articles, book reviews and reports from regional meetings etc.

Develop your skills, whether craftsman or artist

Why are there so many different  types of binding?  From the Victorian school prize binding in half-bound leather with marbled edges  to the tiny Yapp-bound prayer book, the outsize stub-bound atlas or the simple single-section pamphlet, each has a history and a particular function.

Join us to find out the why and the how. Your region will be your first point of contact, where more experienced members will be delighted to help you with advice and support. Many members are professional book binders or conservators but most are amateurs keen to learn and improve what they do.

A biennial national Conference, alternating with a training Seminar, showcases the work of internationally-recognised bookbinders who you can meet and talk to during the Conference.

The long-standing provision of national events – biennial Seminar and Conference is currently under review and members’ views have been requested.

Experienced tutors lead regional workshops throughout the UK at all levels, from beginners to advanced