Four video presentations on aspects of bookbinding have been produced by the Society of Bookbinders. They are available to purchase from J. Hewit and Sons Ltd – visit their website for further details.

DVD 1 - Dominic Riley

 Repairing Leather Bindings with Japanese Paper

A video record of Dominic Riley’s demonstration at the SoB Seminar in Birmingham, July 2002.

Wnen leather bindings break at the joints, the traditional approach is to reback the binding with leather, re-hanging the boards and relining the spine. However, there are times when this is not feasible.

In recent years, conservator Don Etherington and others have pioneered simple, non-invasive repairs using Japanese tissue. This demonstration by SoB Vice-chairman, Dominic Riley covers these techniques.

Also included here is a slideshow of the prizewinning bindings from the SoB International Bookbinding Competition 2005.

DVD 2 - Nick Cowlishaw

Rebacking a Cloth Binding

One of the most common problems with Victorian cloth bindings is damage to the spine and joints, leading to detaching of the boards.

The demonstration on this DVD, by one of the UK’s foremost bookbinding teachers, will guide you through the procedures necessary to assess and repair such damage with the minimum cosmetic impact on the binding.

Also included are slideshows of the prizewinning bindings from the SoB International Bookbinding Competition held in 1999, 2001 and 2003.

111 minutes.

DVD 3 - Bernard Middleton

Seventy Years in Bookbinding – A Portrait of Bernard Middleton

Bernard C. Middleton, M.B.E., F.S.A was one of the most skilled craftsman of our time. His career spanned some seventy years, as bookbinder, teacher and writer. We are fortunate to have this visual record of Bernard at work.

In this film, Bernard looks back on his long and varied life in bookbinding, which began at the of Arts & Crafts in 1938. He remembers his apprenticeship years at the British Museum and reflects on his time spent as the manager of Zaehnsdorf’s.He talks about his early years of self-employment in a garret room in Soho, his American adventures and his experiences in the flood-damaged libraries of Florence.

Bernard shares some of his extraordinary techniques for restoring antiquarian books and takes us on a tour of his bindery.

With his characteristically understated humour, his sharp mind and thoughtful observations on the he craft that he loved, Bernard gives us a truly fascinating, often moving and always enjoyable insight into his remarkable world.

123 minutes.

DVD 4 - Maureen Duke

The Life and Work of a Bookbinder

Maureen Duke was one of the most respected bookbinders and teachers of our time. Over a career spanning more than sixty years she introduced many students to this special craft. She travelled widely, taking bookbinding to new audiences around the world, wrote extensively on the subject and was a pioneer in book restoration.

In this remarkable film, Maureen looks back over her career. She reflects on her early years of self-employment, her first forays into the world of teaching and talks with passion about her time leading the full-time course at Guildford.

In retirement Maureen was busier than ever and we see her in action at Urchfont Manor and West Dean and meet some of her students, past and present, who were inspired by her skills as a craftsman and communicator.

She takes us on a tour of her extraordinary bindery, which she occupied for the last forty years, and in a special feature demonstrates some of her favourite techniques which have evolved over many years at the bench.

With a combination of modesty, humour and sure command of her subject, Maureen gives us a rare glimpse into her fascinating world and we are fortunate to have this visual record of her work

165 minutes.