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Particularly outstanding events encouraging hand bookbinding in the UK

Portnall Award at York, 2017, was presented for great work.

24 September 2018

Visit to The Norwich Cathedral Library
Librarian & Curator: Gudrun Warren

The library incorporates the Dean’s and Chapter’s historic collection, as well as the library of the Lincoln Theological Institute.

The Chairman’s Tea Party was a great success:

Let’s have a tea party!

We’ll wear hats and lace.
We won’t slurp or wiggle;
someone will say grace.
Our table might topple –
so many sweet treats!
Still, we’ll nibble and sip,
never leave our seats.
Our best dolls will join us;
our teddy bears, too.
We’ll converse like grown ups:
“Hi. How do you do?”
Let’s have a tea party!
Who needs hats and lace?
Everyone’s invited.
We’ll save you a place.