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Bookbinding Challenge From Member Judith Ellis

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Bookbinding Challenge From Member Judith Ellis

Having, rather unexpectedly, produced another book and never one to miss an opportunuity, I asked the printers if they could supply some unbound copies. I think the litho printing process must be quite wasteful because having initially said that would be difficult, when the books were finally delivered, there was a pallet of unbound sections they had left over after ‘tidying’ the print shop. There were enough sections to make up 180 books altogether with at least 100 assorted extra sections.

So we have another unbound book to play with. The exhibition of bindings of Two Points East which I showed around Norfolk all last year was very successful in generating interest in bookbinding and I would love to organise something similar for the Red Herring Book of Food Facts but on a smaller scale. The best venues were in Jarrolds book department and at the Heritage Centre at Wells and I think I could arrange a month in each of those places next summer.

The book has 53 pages in 4 sections and is printed on good quality paper. Its content and delightful illustrations provide plenty of ideas to play with…..

Read about the book here

So can I ask you to cheer up your lives by playing with a copy or two? You would be helping to raise more money for the food banks as well as being ambassadors for the art of bookbinding.

What I loved so much about last years exhibition was the sheer variety of bindings that people came up with, from the simple to the complex, and from the imaginative use of paper and cloth as well as the examples of fine leather binding. It gave the exhibition an exuberance one does not normally associate with such an traditional craft.

I can supply copies free of charge with £1.50 for postage and packing, but as the bound copies are being sold for £5 in aid of the Trussell Trust, which supports the food banks, I would suggest you make a donation for your copies by rounding that sum up to a total of £5. I have already sent the Trust £500 and am bot far off being able to send that amount again.

Payment can be to me by cheque or by bank transfer and I will include my bank details with each copy I send.