• Cor Aerssens (Netherlands)
    ‘Boxes – one thought leads to another’
  • Cristina Balbiano D’Aramengo (Italy)
    ‘When printmaking, typography and bookbinding meet.
    The backstage of limited art editions’
  • Glenn Bartley (UK)
    Lining a box with velvet
  • Edward Cheese (Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, UK)
    ‘Books, Libraries and Museums: Problems and Possibilities for Book Conservation’
  • Nesta Davies (UK)
    Tacketed Bindings / Endpapers
  • Sün Evrard (France)
    Conservation binding in stone veneer
  • Derek Hood (UK)
    Leather inlays & onlays
  • Midori Kunikata-Cockram (UK)
    Sunago: the Japanese art of decorating paper with gold leaf
  • Glenn Malkin (UK)
    ‘Airbrushing for the Artistically Challenged’
  • Tine Noreille (Belgium)
    ‘Perfect Measuring, Cutting and Folding’ 
  • Sol Rebora (Argentina)
    The Reversible Stub Binding for Fine Binding
  • Pascale Therond (France)
    Gold Tooling from Feuille D’Or in Paris