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With opportunities to study bookbinding in a formal way constantly in demand, it’s always good to know when new ones emerge. Such a venture is launching this summer at a beautiful bindery in rural Wiltshire. The venue is the purpose-built workshop in the grounds of Philippa and Dieter Räder’s home in Highworth near Swindon. Dieter has built a really stunning space, very well equipped with plenty of room for students.

Joining them in this newly founded school are Dominic Riley and Michael Burke. All four are long-standing SoB members and well known in the bookbinding world as teachers and conference speakers.

The school is to be known as Book Camp, and there’s a clue in the name: participants are invited to pitch their tents in the grounds of the house, bringing a unique Summer Camp feel to the event. It’s a lovely sheltered spot with plenty of flat lawn, so it should be a lot of fun.

Four two-day workshops are planned, with a day off in the middle set aside for special trips. The evenings will be spent having dinner together, enjoying informal presentations and, of course, sitting around the camp fire talking books. In other words, it will be an immersive experience and a welcome addition to our bookbinding year.

Read more about Book Camp here.